Výpis pro Zahraničí

Police destroy growshop industry

Dear Friends, Czech republic has been a wonderfull place to live. But things are changing … Group of police officers has decided to change it. Big raid on growshops has only target … to destroy our industry and overtake control. They have first targetted smaller shops and are step by step to all the others. In most cases they have confiscated all the goods and cash, frozen bank accounts and put the owners to jail (for 48 hours). They have confiscated also pocket money of kids of owners … We have only chance … to fit for our rights … to fight to survive. If we loose this battle we will be simply fucked. The situation is really serious. In Czech we have saying … A friend in need is a friend indeed. I hate begging for money and for support. But these days I do not have any other chance than kindly ask You for Your support. Více informací